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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Poetry 12/01/2014

Well today has been a mixed bag of weather, frosty this morning, occasional sunshine and then rain yet again tonight. The sunrise this morning was a sight to behold and made me think of a recent project that I done for my friend Paul Davison using his photos and my poetry and will share this tonight. During conversations with friends today it appears in my love poetry section yesterday I missed out two of my better love poems and will also include these in this this post.
Hope all your dreams are born in the realms of sleep and awaken in the dawn as reality.

Be safe all.

The Poet

A somber dark night draws to a close,
mankind’s earthen stars add a surreal tint to the landscape,
streetlights striving to hold back the night.
Liquid shadows writhe and merge draping buildings,
unaware of dawns swift approach.
Suddenly, far off in the east,
the pale blue of the dawn perforates the sky,
each growing shaft of light awakens the land.
A dying night bemoans its wail of anguish,
its shadows torn to shreds on dawn’s luminous tide,
amid the dawn chorus to the death of night.
Steadily the world awakes with a smile and a yawn,
grateful to be alive to greet a new sunrise,
unaware of the epic battle being fought,

for the start of a new day. 

Crimson rays of surreal sunlight
bathe the land in bloody shades
of deepest reds and pinks,
adding a strange alien hue, akin to the red planet.

Once white billowing clouds clot the horizon,
stifling the bloody tints of the fading sun,
Mother Nature’s bandages,
striving and failing to quell the end of another day.

Accepting defeat,
revelling in its final blood red beauty,
the rapidly setting sun slips majestically
into the waiting arms of the horizon.

Burning deepest red in defiance,
the grateful day lays down its head.
Darkened shadows reveal the night,
rushing headlong, extinguishing all in its path.

The Smile
How the lily in your hair,
paled in colour with you there.
A smile you show for the world to see,
yet no smile remains for me.
But I am blessed in my heart
have known the truth from the start.
No more smile do you need to send
for our hearts entwined until the end.

Breath catching, the scent of your beauty
rides upon Autumn squalls and dances through my senses.
Seemingly alive, close to touch, yet,
remaining mere vapours coursing through my heart.
Each torrid draught carries a soft lament of your voice,
your dulcet tones whipped away amid the wild torrents.
Upon swirling zephyrs, each note slips beyond my grasp,
torn from reach, riding my pain in whispers.
Salient autumnal winds howl their laughter,
mocking the cry of a soul in anguish.
When calm returns the silence brings death,
no whispers ride the breeze,
my heart aches to hear the wind call your name,
revealing your love to me in a forest lullaby.

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  1. What an absolute delight! Sunrise and sunset.....and the two favourites as a bonus. Not sure which I enjoy most.....Your nature poetry or your love poetry.