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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Poetry 11/01/2014

Hi folks
Not a lot of waffle tonight as I am shattered as today has just been one of them days that is emotionally exhausting and I sitting here falling asleep but as I promised some friends I would continue to post some of my poems so I will. So no views from my window or any poems inspired by just that but I still did choose a theme for the poems. Tonight's theme will be love.
Hope you all enjoy the few poems here and may life treat you kind and well.


The Poet

Brief encounter
Neon lights bathed your face in rainbow shades,
travelling across the sensual contours of your body.
Licking your lips provocatively, you offer a smile,
desire rises in my chest,
breath catching, we begin the fleeting dance of lust.
Emerging from slumber,
nocturnal parasites of guilt plague my conscience,
re-emerging from the maelstrom of our passionate night.
Our time but a singular echo, soon forgotten,

lost in that fleeting moment when time stood still.

I loved you first
In blind breathless feelings, I felt love,
with you in my arms, I embraced love.
Looking into your eyes, I saw love,
with you by my side, in my thoughts, I became love.
Understanding came too slow,
the fragility of youth, a costly misdemeanor
haunting my life for eternity.
Memories alive under the visions of your beauty,
I soldiered on into life,
unaware that my jigsaw was broken.
A singular piece lost unable to be replaced.
alive but incomplete I remember,
I loved you first.

How the lily in your hair,
paled in colour with you there.
A smile you show for the world to see,
yet no smile remains for me.
But I am blessed in my heart
have known the truth from the start.
No more smile do you need to send
for our hearts entwined until the end.

Sculpted from breathless whispers
Throat constricting in blind panic,
my senses reel under the delicious scent of your sexuality.
Heart skipping I dare to breathe,
immersing myself in the aromatic essence of your smile.
Drifting on the breeze,
I sense your name seeping into my mind,
carrying breathless whispers of love
along the bank of torrid dreams,
awakening desires that have long laid dormant.
A goddess before me,
Perfection realised in each animated curve of your sensual body,
alive, vibrant, provocative, beauty alive under blood red lips.
Sculpted from breathless syllables of angel song,
desire awakens under the onslaught of love.

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