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Friday, 10 January 2014

Poetry 10/01/2014

Well today began at 6 am and I must say it was pitch outside my window almost as if the darkness was seeking entrance, so much for the wisdom of the government and their half power street lighting. Well the dark does set my mind into overdrive and a return to my dark poetry roots and onward to a realm where all manner of things wait outside my window.
Suffice to say the collection of poems here on this day will indeed be dark and edgy which was how I preferred to write back in the early days. Please remember to stay safe and well if you are out and about in the darkness as I often am: a shadow among shadows seeking the safety of the dawn.
Take care folks and may the dreams of night reveal answers in the beauty of sunrise guiding you to realise your dreams.

The Poet

Dark thoughts
Darkened dreams in shades of pitch,
burst forth into the reality of night.
Eclipsing light in sable thoughts of murderous revenge,
shadows lengthen seeking life in ebony shrouds of death.

Kiss of the vampire
His teeth nibbling at her neck, she felt the first nick,
sinking deeper into his arms she feels the release of his poison.
Eyes snapping open she feels her consciousness slipping,
the poison pulsing through her veins in tune with her heartbeat.
Head falling forward onto her chest she tries to fight the lethargy,
unique tiredness in each and every sinew,
her final thought, the absent-minded motion of hand to neck.

In tortured dreams she sees them descend in unison,
mouths hanging hungrily open, ready for the blood red feast before them.
Clarity remains clouded as she stirs from her imposed slumber,
the abused wounds on her neck swollen and angry, a feint pulse in her tired mind.
 His lips no longer move but she hears every word,
“Come my Twilight Princess, come and meet thy sisters.”
Mind recoiling from his hungry intrusion, she feels her humanity beginning to slip,
losing itself in the downward spiral of madness.

One final effort is all she begs,
his sickly sweet voice tries to cajole her back to his embrace.
Steeling her mind she rips the door from its hinges and steps out,
laughing hysterically at their recoil from the sun.
She feels the searing pain and embraces it,
welcoming the renewed clarity it brings
and the final smile of freedom on her ashen face.

Lord of Twilight
Shadows lengthen announcing my presence.
Drifting across the sky, floral explosions erupt under my hand,
a late extravaganza of colour for my daily coronation.
The sun seeks the west,
Its fiery corona my crown to wear for a brief time,
but I feel the powers of darkness creeping,
skirting the horizons, hunting the crown.
Death of day, birth of night, I have presided over them all,
a god among gods, holding the power of the solar system in my hands.
Neither born of night, nor of day,
I keep my own council in my fleeting time,
the true master of day and night, the Lord of Twilight.

Nefarious ambition
I feel you there, a shadow among shadows,
watching my work with fevered pride.
Your twisted whispers bounce across my psyche,
cajoling me forward, guiding my hand,
bathing me in the contorted lyrical screams of the dead.
Blood red on a black canvas, a masterpiece for a true artisan to savour,
knife sculpting death at every turn,
I offer a macabre beacon for your followers.
Copper scents taint the air, another soul has fallen,
carried on ashen winds into the waiting arms of death.
Disappearing into the night, knife aching by my side,
I seek your next prize.
Clarity clouded in your quest for kingship,
understanding plays a muted concerto in my mind,
I am but a mere pawn, a sacrificial piece
in your degenerated game of nefarious ambition.

You fall in silence,
Eclipsing light in dark oppression,
carrying me to destruction.

Vision blurring,
panic rises, washing hope from thought,
catching fearful breaths in muted screams.

In strangled whispers,
reality seeks and audience.
Voice imprisoned in abject fear,
reality falls on the broken sword of day

Raven’s Song
He sends his flock, his carrion crew,
seeking names, just a few.
Ebony shadows cross the veil,
death to life, a siren’s wail.
Across the void in winged flight,
raucous calls shatter the night.
I see you there upon your perch,
a deadly reminder of metal and birch.
The scythe swings completing the arc,
biting deep it found its mark.
A raven’s song with death in tow,
darkness falls it’s time to go.
Ravens came eclipsing the night,
just one mistake they took the wife.

Oh smoky apparition,
why do you torment me so?
Black on black you scurry beyond the naked eye,
holding your own council in silent whispers.
What anchors you on this plain?
What message do you hold?
Answers I fear are as vague as the smoky wisp that is you.

One night
Dusk starts to settle,
colours shimmer in their own vibrancy,
edges reach stark reality for the briefest moment,
their time quickly lost in the land of shadows.
Lengthening in grotesque beauty,
they eat away at the failing light of day,
preparing a path for nights descent into tranquillity.
Velvet darkness seeps into the horizon,
flowing serenely, unseen and draped in mystery
her ebony gown slips across the light parched land.
Relishing in her new freedom, she understands,
playtime for the deranged is now,
a nightly shroud of intimacy for their work.
Battle lines drawn, night awaits the onrushing dawn,
forever waging a losing battle,
dawn arrives majestically victorious in all her luminescent glory,
her sister withers, paling to grey, dying in a bloody swathe.

Walking the Night
Listen closely do you hear,
whispers on a breeze, hanging near.
Unshackled spirit walking the night,
room to room, lost in light.

Twilight corners in eerie dark,
airy footprints, not a mark.
Liquid image laid upon the air, or
moans and groans on a weary stair.

Creeping closer you’re seeking us out,
passing your messages in a silent shout.
Whispered shuffles mark your retreat,
fading from existence , till just leaves on a street.

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